Parametric points

This page is a parametric curve plotter with animation.

You have only to enter two functions f (t) and g(t) defining the parametric curve, with ranges of variation for t, x, y. You will receive as reply an animated sequence showing the curve with a moving point corresponding to the variation of the parameter t. This variation of t is shown by a bar at the bottom of the figure, synchronized with the point on the curve.

Some examples of parametric curves are at your disposal.

Enter the defining functions of your parametric curve:
x = f (t) =
y = g(t) =

Menu of options.

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Description: plots a parametric curve with moving point. interactive exercises, online calculators and plotters, mathematical recreation and games

Keywords: interactive mathematics, interactive math, server side interactivity, geometry, plot, plotter, graphing, curve, parametric curve, animation